Who Is Pilates In The Bible?

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Pontius Pilate’s wife, otherwise unnamed in the Bible, appears in a single verse of the Gospel of Matthew, where she tries to persuade her husband not to condemn Jesus to death.. She is named as Procla or Procula in early christian tradition (later also Percula, Claudia, Claudia Procula or Claudia Procles).

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 · > Who was Pontius Pilate? Why did he wash his hands? What did it mean? Pontius Pilatus was the fifth Roman prefect of Judaea. (Before that, it was ruled as a client kingdom with a king of its own, the last of which was Herod the Great.) According.

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description and definition What does the Bible say about.?

PILATE, PONTIUS ( ). Pontius Pilatus is the Lat. form of the name. The meaning is uncertain: Pontius may be connected with "bridge" or "fifth"; Pilatus may mean "armed with a javelin," or it may refer to the pilus, or felt cap, emblem of a freed slave.Pilate was the Rom. procurator of Judea who sentenced Jesus to death by crucifixion (Matt 27:2ff.).

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The Pilates Bible includes a special section on ante- and postnatal exercise and on joint health, as well as the use of Pilates in the workplace, in the gym and in sport.

Non-Biblical sources claim Pilate’s wife was a gentile convert to Christianity, but there’s nothing in the Bible about either her or her husband to support this. All it says is that during the Lord’s trial Pilate’s wife warned him against becoming involved with “that innocent man” ( Matt. 27:19 ).

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