This is the page where I tell you a little about me…so here goes. In addition to being a wife and mother I am a woman on a mission!

It is my goal to help as many women feel great about their bodies through exercise. If this sounds vain to you, think again. When we exercise regularly, eat to support our bodies, rest to recover, manage stress and make other healthy choices we become strong physically and emotionally.  When we are strong, we make a difference in the world.

It starts with one woman, effecting one family and spreading to the local community, region, state, county and world!  Wow!  I bet you didn’t realize that by going through a workout with me that you could possibly change the world!

In addition to this mission, I love to spend time with my extended family.  My  nieces come over to play with, and babysit, my daughter and just to hang out with us.  I spend nearly every Sunday at my in-laws house where we eat dinner and Audrey plays with her cousin that is 2 months her senior.

I like to read, watch movies, travel, ski, go pseudo-camping (that’s when you go camping and have all of the conveniences), see live plays, hike, meet new people, spend time with my friends, get massages and, oh yeah…I do like to exercise, and I really like when I’m done exercising!

As I write all of the things I like to do, I realize this list could go on and on.  Also, I realize that because of exercise all of these things are  easier and I can experience them to the fullest because I know  my body can handle it  and I’m not pre-occupied with a negative body image.

I used to be held back by my negative body image, but no more!  I no longer carry the burden of this negative feeling  because  my body is strong and healthy.  I might have some imperfections (I won’t reveal them now  , though), but they don’t stop me from being myself anymore!